The Number 1 Platform To Help ARTISTS ATHLETES MUSICIANS Along Their Journey.

Sponsor A Journey

Show your support to a loved one by sponsoring them along their journey! But remember, your support is not a charity! Every member of Journey Sponsor must prove that they are actively working toward achieving their dreams by posting progress reports, uploading photos and planning out their future.

This platform allows aspiring Artists, Athletes and Musicians to prove they have what it takes to follow their passion, even when times get difficult.  If a Member fails to update their progress after 2 weeks, all contributions by all sponsors immediately stops until the Member can prove they are back on track.

Start A Journey

Beginning a long Journey can be difficult, but it starts with a single step.  Whether your dream of becoming a Professional Athlete, a Rockstar Musician or a World Famous Artist, everyone needs a little help along the way.  Ambition, dedication and accountability pave the way for success and are necessary to achieve your dreams.

Journey Sponsor will help to keep you on track by tying financial support with daily successes.  When you become a member, you pledge to work towards goals every day and hold yourself accountable by uploading progress reports that your Sponsors can see.  You can do this! Now it’s time to prove it.

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